CAMRA Northern Ireland

CAMRA NI urges Chancellor to cut beer tax to boost local beer and pubs in Northern Ireland

The Campaign for Real Ale in Northern Ireland is calling on the UK Government to consider cutting the tax charged on beer in order to help local pub and brewing businesses. It comes as the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland has called for a cut in alcohol taxes in the forthcoming Budget – which is expected to be presented to Dáil Éireann in October – to help stop rural Irish

Free accreditation of Bottled or Canned Beers as Real Ale in a Bottle/Can (RAIB/RAIC)

The process for getting bottled or canned beers accredited as Real Ale in a Bottle/Can (RAIB/RAIC) is simple. Breweries seeking accreditation will need to send at least two bottles from the same batch to Brewlab in Sunderland (address below) immediately after bottling/canning, together with the present gravity figure at time of packaging. They will check for viable yeast cells on one at the start of conditioning and, if within range,