Being in Northern Ireland right now and ordering beer from across the water, and even from Ireland, has proved to be rather tricky in the last weeks due to the consequences of Brexit. A lot of you have pointed out breweries or online stores that either do not send beer to Northern Ireland any more, or their postage prices have gone through the roof.

With that in mind, we’re compiling a list of websites of store and breweries (and meaderies and cideries) that are still sending beer to us so that you can shop around with less frustration.

Here’s the first few that we know of, and feel free to contact us with any others that you are aware of, and we’ll add it to the list. And if any of them don’t actually deliver, let us know too so that we can remove them from the list (we haven’t been able to fully check out every option to make sure the beer actually gets here, as that would involve buying an awful lot of beer).

And of course, don’t forget to support your local NI producers!